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There may be hundreds or thousands of homes in your area, but only one is YOUR home. Whether you are looking for your first home or your next one, we can help make your dream home a reality.  Ever After is right around the corner!

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Buying a Home

Buying a home is a big decision, no matter how many times you have gone through the home buying experience. While people who have previously bought a home are more familiar with the home loan experience, buying your first home is a completely different story. It's new and exciting, but it can be scary and confusing without a trusted professional to explain the ins and outs of the mortgage process.

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With a lower house payment, you can enjoy the freedom of having more money for other things in your life!  Contact me today to see what freedoms refinancing can provide you. Also, feel free to use our mortgage calculators to see how much difference refinancing would make to your monthly payment!

Cash-out refinance with PrimeWest Mortgage

Cash-out Refinance

You've had your home a few years now, and you've built up a good amount of equity. With a cash-out refinance, use the money you have already put into your home to further your financial goals. Use the money to pay off bills, reduce debt, start a business, buy a car, pay for college or more!


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